Delivery and Shipping

Background InformationsOnce your order was made on our site, we search for your bottles in our cellar of Maurecourt.
As soon as we make sure of stocks and of the irreproachable quality of bottles, we proceed to the validation of your payment.
. We propose you then 2 solutions:
- Pick up on site in our cellar (free)
- Delivery in your place by Carrier (paying, price rate according to the weight of the parcel and the zip code of destination).
Pick up on SiteWe have a cellar opened to the public in Paris’ suburb, to the following address:
Les Caves du Bon Temps
41 rue de pontoise
Once your order was confirmed, you can come to look for your wines in opening hours :
- From Monday to Saturday:
- From 9:00 am till 12:30 am and 2:00 pm at 7:00 pm

Country of deliveryHere are the countries with which we work regularly and whose shipping costs are automatically calculated on our web site.
Union Européenne:
- Métropolitan France
- Belgium
- Luxembourg
- Germany
- UK
- Italy
- Spain
- Netherlands

- Swiss
- Hong Kong

Others CountriesFor others countries, you can order and wait for our feedback for the shipping cost. If (and only if) you give us your agreement for this additional transport, then we shall validate your payment and shall proceed to the sending of wines.
Delivery DelayUnion Européenne:
- Métropolitan France : 2 to 3 jours (working days)
- Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands: 4 to 5 jours (working days)
- Swiss, Hong Kong: 4 to 5 jours (working days)

Other Countries: Please contact us.

All bids submitted on the site include Value Added Tax at the rate of 20% and are in Euros. V.A.T. registered professionals may claim this V.A.T. back. V.A.T. refunds: For deliveries and outside of France, the provisions of the General Tax Code on V.A.T. will apply. Consequently, the V.A.T. included in the final bid will be refunded: - To any company or individual residing outside of the European Union - To companies with a valid E.U. V.A.T. number, with a head office in one of the 27 E.U. members. This refund will be made after receipt of customs documents, proving that the wines have left French territory and the reception of the products by the recipients in question, by VINS GRANDS CRUS. To give an example, if you are a Member and operate from HONG KONG and you bid 1,196 euros (1,000 euros for the wine + 196 euros in V.A.T.). VINS GRANDS CRUS will refund 196 Euros. You will receive an invoice issued without V.A.T. Companies and individuals satisfying the above criteria must therefore deduct French V.A.T. (20%) from their bid to conclude the exact amount of their bid. Simply multiply the amount of the bid by 0.836 to obtain the exact price to be invoiced. In the above example, 1196 euros x 0.836 = 1000 euros.