Delivery and transport

Delivery and transport
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General informations

All our wines are immediately available. Our prices are subject to prior sale, without commitment, subject to availability. Valid prices are those indicated at the time of the order as they appear on our website (OE).
Our site is updated daily, however, stocks are not indicated in real time. And therefore, if the order can not be ensured, the payment will not be validated or wines will be replaced in accordance with the buyer.
Once your order placed on our site, we start looking for your bottles in our cellar Maurecourt. As soon as we have verified inventory and quality bottles, we proceed with the validation of your payment.

Then we offer two solutions:
- To be collected at our cellar (free)
- Delivery to your home by Carrier (fee, price depending on package weight and destination zip code).

Removal on Site

No charge if removal in the 60 days following your order.

Our cellar near paris is open from Monday to Friday at the following adress :
Les Caves du Bon Temps
41 rue de pontoise

Once you confirm your order, you can pick your wine in the opening hours:
- From Monday to Friday: From 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 19:00

Shipment informations

Our team is at the office from Monday to Friday, and the launch phase for a delivery (unless overridden) shall take effect once reception/validation of your order.
The order will be sent to the address specified by the buyer during the validation of his order.
The delivery will be carried out in France within 24-48 hours from the date of departure from our cellar.
Regarding deliveries abroad, deadlines varies by destination.
Please note that the departures of orders are from Monday to Friday and early afternoon.
For more information, we remain at your disposal

The times indicated do not engage our responsibility, but only that of the carriers. Also, delivery time overruns can not give rise to damages.

These are countries with whom we work regularly and whose transport costs are automatically calculated on the website

European Union :
- Metropolitan France
- Belgium
- Luxembourg
- Germany
- UK
- Italy
- Spain
- Netherlands

- Swiss
- Hong Kong

For all other countries whose website does not automatically calculate the shipping fee, do not hesitate to request an estimate on

Shipment conditions

To ensure optimal thermal and physical protection when transporting your bottles, we use packaging molded polystyrene. They are both, isothermal, balanced, lightweight, unbreakable and environmentally friendly (100% recyclable and reusable).
Vins Grands Crus ensures optimal transport of your precious bottles.
When the labels are fragile (old or damaged) we wrap systematically bottles in tissue paper in order to protect them in the best way.
The shipment of the original wooden case will be done, only after a request from the buyer to our customer services (and only if the « Original Wooden Case » is available). It may be subject to additional charges.
Whatever your choice in the shipping method, we will provide as soon as possible a link that allows you to track online the shipment.

Problems / Retractations

Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 19h with no possibility of the specific time slot (In case of absence at the address specified by the customer, a notice is normally deposited in the mailbox). You can then arrange an appointment for a new delivery, or even faster, you can go get your wines to the nearest parcel relay.
While receiving your order, if the appearance of the packaging does not seem consistent, you must notify the delivery note. If blatant broken bottles, you must refuse the cardboard concerned and request that it be returned to the sender.
In this case, you must contact our customer service by mail or telephone within maximum of 3 working days so that we can proceed with a new shipment or a refund.
A withdrawal period is offered to the buyer in accordance with Article L 121-16 of the Consumer Code. The buyer has a period of 7 days from the delivery of his order. The exchange or refund of the order will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the return of the order.
The order must be returned in the original packaging with the invoice attached.
The shipping costs (go and back), and the costs of treatment will be borne by the buyer.
VinsGrandsCrus has to be informed of the return of the goods by e-mail or mail.

The liability of corked bottles' responsibility of the property (or trader) designated as the bottler. The procedure of cork taint is: please return us the full bottle (or nearly full) and its original caps with an accompanying letter stating the purchase from us. Upon receipt, we will send the claim to the property (or trader) concerned and he will judge the merits of the application and decide whether or not a replacement of your bottle. Upon receipt of the response, we will notify you and in the event of a positive decision, we will replace that we will have proposed the property (or trader).

Visual: the visuals used on this site are not contractual.

Descriptions of wines: Wines Crus can not be held liable for any comments, criticisms, and descriptions of wines.

Tax and Tax Free Shipping.

All bids submitted on the site including Value Added Tax at the rate of 19.6% and are in Euros. Registered professionals can claim the VAT. VAT refunds: For deliveries and outside of France, the provisions of the General Tax Code VAT are applied. Therefore, VAT included in the final offer will be refunded:
- To any company or individual resident outside the European Union
- To companies with a valid VAT number in the EU whose headquarters are among one of the 27 members of the European Union.
This refund will be made after the receipt of customs documents proving that the wine left the French territory and the receipt of goods by the recipient in question, Vins Grands Crus.
All orders delivered in France will be charged with the collection of VAT (20%). However, VinsGrandsCrus offers the opportunity to buy tax-free wines.
The deduction of VAT applies to you if you are over 15 years old and if you reside outside the European Union.
It applies also only to purchases for amounts above € 500.
After confirmation of your order, Vins Grands Crus gives you a sales export Slip signed by our company and for yourself. This slip is issued via the device PABLO. By this act, you agree to certain formalities before the end of the third month following the month of purchase.
As written above, Vins Crus Wines, initially will collect the total amount of VAT (20%), and give you the needed documents for the validation of the tax refund.
- If you leave the European Union by France: in the manual visa, the French customs slip coated delivers your customs fee. Vins Grands Crus needs to receive this slip stamped by Customs.
Under the electronic visa PABLO terminals, the message "OK validated Slip" confirms the export transaction of goods as well as the customs stamp. In this case, you don’t need to send us the document. We will have direct knowledge of the electronic visa.

- If you leave the European Union by a Member State other than France: after inspection, the customs authorities of that Member State gives you the document stamped. You will have to send by yourself this document to VinsGrandsCrus to finalize the Detax conditions.

In any case, we will refund, according to your specifications and contact information, the amount shown on the bill corresponding to the tax refund granted. Vins Grands Crus, grant a refund of the amount of 15% of VAT exemption of goods (excluding transport) after validation of your PABLO Slip. For more information: You will find below the explanatory note on the procedure of Visa Electronics Pablo: "Link"