VAT Rules

Please find below the rules concerning the payment of the french VAT (20%) in the different following cases
  • Intracom Customer with a VAT Number

If you have a company number, you will delivered without anytaxes in Europe countries. You have to give us your VAT Number. As soon as we checked it, we will proceed to the validation of your Intracom Account. You will be able to make order wines without any VAT.

  • Intracom Customer without a VAT Number

You will have to pay the french VAT of 20%

  • Customer from Export Zone

- If the transport is organized by a professional company (by ours or by yourself), you have no VAT to pay. 

- If you collect the wines to our cellar, or ask for a delivery to a french adress:

You will pay the 20%VAT with your order first. We provide a Electronic CERFA Document (PABLO) with your wines. You will find the online procedure on the custom.

As soon as you validate the document to the electronic device at airport, we will refund 15% of the Total Amount (Excl VAT).