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We are glad to welcome us on our website: VINSGRANDSCRUS.COM


Your hopes:

Whatever are the reasons who motivate your choice to sell wines: - Wine tasting between friends or close business relations.
- Make a present to close friends, passionated and wine connoisseurs
- The pleasure to collection the most researched fine and rare wines from the world
- invest in the most efficient value

Our cellar base in Maurecourt (30 km- North West from Paris) will  offer you a large offer of fine and rare wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy Rhone Valley and Champagne.


Our History:

Wine seller from 1978, we are glad to purpose you a whole selection of Fine and Rare Wines from the most famous regions and appellations of France:
- Fine Wines from Burgundy Red and White 
- Fine Wines from Bordeaux, Red, White and Sweet White
- Fine Wines from Rhone Valley (Côte Rôtie, Châteauneuf du Pape, Ermitage) 
- Champagne from the most famous Brand  Our Leitmotiv: Knowing the complexity of the market, we try to help the connoisseurs to buy wines in the best conditions, meaning:
- We offer a large offer of fine and rare wines- We are studiying our price everyday to offer very attractiv offers
- We are selling wines immediatly available in our cellar.
We are taking care of the conservation condition of the wines we offer (Temperature and Hygrometry daily supervised)
- We are advising the buyers on personal advises and on advise from knwon expert on the market
- We engage ourselves to provide answers on your different requests at least in the 48 hours.

We hope to answers your requests on our website soonly: It will be the opportunity to proof our professionalism and quality of service

Enjoy your visit



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